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Raga Ratnam

Colours of Gratitude 

Welcome to Raga Ratnam. We provide creative arts mindfulness programs and workshops designed for children.

These programs provide students with tools to articulate mindfulness practices with visual art-based forms, to communicate ideas through making and responding that is accessible to all schools and communities in India.

Encouraging Creativity Coloring Minds


Our vision is to provide creative programs and to work in partnership with education. Introducing creative arts mindfulness techniques in everyday life and as lifelong skills.


Raga Expressions 

Touch and Clay play
Emotions and Mandalas
Colors of gratitude and Mosaic Art

School Programs

Creative Arts Mindfulness Art Program

There are 2 programs which have been tailored for students from year 4 to 7 years and year 8 to 10 in schools. We come to your school to teach  programs to students as part of their lessons in Visual Arts. The programs can be implemented as a 60 minute lesson once a week for 10 weeks (term) or two lessons per week for 5 weeks.

NGO Programs

Colors of Gratitude

Children explore the use of acrylic paints, water colours, pencils, pastels, clay and mosaic allowing them to express themselves freely through Creative Arts and Rhythmic Movements.